Fear of Making a Presentation: National HIV Testing Day:

First, I want to start off and say, I am not a presenter. I never have been. Getting up and talking in front of people seemed to be the worst kind of torture to me. I hated it and I never could remember all I was supposed to say or do. They say the only way to conquer a fear is to do it often and repeatedly.hiv-testing-day-468Recent events have allowed me to put this theory into practice. I have had to come out of my shell and actually speak to people. At first I was terrified about speaking in front of people and having all their eyes on me, it was a nerve-wracking feeling. Well, I gritted my teeth, buckled down to practice and got through it with a lot of help and support from others. Now I have been making presentations on a pretty regular basis, and this mostly involves talking to people about living with HIV and how it has had an impact on my life. Wanting to help other people living with HIV is what gave me the push to tackle more public speaking. I wanted to educate others on the disease, those living with it and those who are not.

Being able to help and educate people was important to me. It’s important that the word get out there that living with HIV is not a death sentence anymore, you can live a long and healthy life. I can’t say I still don’t get nervous before a presentation, but once I’m warmed up it’s usually a piece of cake. I usually practice what I’m going to say the night before, and it really helps when you have a partner to practice with. That way you have somebody besides yourself listening to your presentation, and they are able to give you feedback on it.

I would say you can really start speaking out anywhere, but probably keep it small at first. As long as you have the passion to educate, inform and help people you will be able to speak up anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you have the experience or not. Your passion will shine through.

June 27th is National HIV Testing Day. As we observe this day, take time to create awareness and encourage testing. So, I challenge you to take the first step as well and speak out.

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Share with us the steps that  you take in observing this day.




Don’t Cheat on Yourself

As human beings, we automatically are taught to nurture others and that makes us start on the road of learning to”cheat on myself.” I never thought about that until today. I should be on the path to help myself when it comes to things like bubble bacalmness photo for blogths, going clothes shopping, getting my hair done, etc.  I should be open to learn how to see the positive in everything and learn how to enjoy everything that I am doing. If not, I am“cheating on myself.”

Sometimes I have family, friends, or significant others who try to take all of my time away and sometimes it feels as if I am being taken advantage of. The time that I have set for myself should maybe be marked as an important appointment on the calendar and even put it on the phone with an alarm. When I do this, I will make sure to tell others that I am going to be busy and stick to it because I deserve it and so do you. It’s just as important to do this for myself and makes me just as important as someone else is. If I stand up and say “NO” or just saying that I am busy, that should be enough. I don’t feel guilty because this is me that requires rejuvenation.

Just because I learn to say “NO” doesn’t mean that I don’t love others, it’s just that I have decided to do things for me as a women with HIV and it makes me learn about myself, then I will be better at helping others. As a matter of fact, it makes me stronger and maybe I have learned not to “cheat on myself.”

I decided to write about this because I have been letting others dictate my choices and that is not going to continue because it will stress me out and cause me to be sick. “Cheating on myself” makes me forget all of the little things that make mehappy.

Get back to doing you, and stay on track, so that you will be able to have strength to show others why you are so happy, maybe it will catch on.

What makes you cheat on yourself and what would you like to do for yourself that will help you stop? 


Show Some Pride

Every year in June is national Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month (LGBT Pride Month). Early in its development, the LGBT Pride Month was only celebrated on the last Sunday of June as “Gay Pride Day,” but over the years, the designated day has expanded into a month-long celebration that came to also include lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender individuals!

Now, celebrations include pride parades, picnics, parties, workshops, symposia, and concerts. LGBT Pride Month events attract millions of people from around the world! In addition, memorials are held for those members of our community who have been lost to hate crimes or HIV/AIDS. So, the purpose of this month is to honor and recognize the impact and progression that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals have made for this community.

If you want to participate in any of these LGBT Pride Month festivities, please visit http://gainesvillepride.org/ for more information.

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Let us know of any events in your area!

I Can Do Something

So What’s A Girl To Do?

I love sex. Really I do!! I love to talk about sex, I love to educate people about healthy sex and of course I love to engage in healthy sex. The best part though is the look on peoples face when I tell them I am HIV poz and that sex is awesome in my world today. Ooohh the blushing I witness on a daily basis!!

The majority of people have a mindset that if your HIV poz, 1) No one will want you, 2 Poz’s can’t EVER have sex so they don’t transmit HIV to anyone, possibly go to jail or prison, and 3) You’re gonna die so what’s the use?   FOR REAL!!! I have actually had that one said to me. Well, I’m here to tell you that sex is “doable” Ha ha get it, doable?

Sex is the major route of transmission for HIV. However when I was diagnosed I wanted, no… I NEEDED to blame someone. Once I grew up a bit (emotionally, spiritually and mentally), after being Poz for 13 years, at 42 years old, I realized that I was ultimately responsible for my Poz status. Then, I forgave myself. Once I grew up a little I came to be ok with me; I decided that I do like sex and that I want to have more of it!!!

So what’s a girl to do?!?!  I mean really!?!?! Dating sites are great, but when do you disclose? In your profile? First date? After he’s in love with me and will not want to leave me?  Well, I will tell you that I have done both and it ended well both times. One walked away…the “after he falls in love” one. Then the “first date” one, he stayed and got educated about HIV. He started taking PReP, along with condoms, and it was on for us. That relationship ended after 13 months. But before it ended…I learned a lot about me and my orgasms. That’s right I said it loud and proud “ORGASMS ARE FUN”.

Although I am currently single, I am hopeful for a life partner with the same mindset and sexual drive as me. It was a long road to get here and I am thankful for every part of it. Today I am an HIV + 49 year old sexually active happily orgasmic woman.

The Reality & Resilience of the Woman

Book Frt CoverRealistically speaking I believe that until you see and stand up for your worth you will not fulfill the plan God has for you. Unawareness of your worth can cause you to miss out on opportunities for growth and development, even having no vision for your future and wasting your energy on the minuscule things in life can fester into bigger issues within, that too can keep you from your promise.

What is your reality? Are you honestly ready to walk away from a situation that is causing you more harm than good by having the strength to pray and gracefully excuse yourself from the foolishness? Do you feel resilient enough to fail, get back up, re-invent yourself and commit to God and yourself that you will be greater than before?

The reality and resiliency of the woman is seeking God’s freedom for her life. That means knowing who you are and whose you are. In order to seek out freedom though, you have to go through some tough times. You will conquer some trials and tribulations and if you can still walk to a mirror right now and look at yourself with the open wounds, and flaws and brokenness, I still need you to know, woman, that you are greatness.

The reality and resiliency of the woman is to look at her truth. Stop stressing yourself out and stop worrying about what folks think. Your truth may be ugly and messy and full of drama or your truth may be beautiful and full of positivity. We all have to look at our truths and evaluate where we want to be in life in order to build our resiliency as a woman. Sister, you must choose everyday to put both of your feet in front of the other and walk forward without letting your truths (good, bad, or ugly) define your future.

The reality and resiliency of the woman is speaking to her inner woman. If you have to wake up every morning and persuade yourself that you are worth more, then do it! You deserve the best in life and nothing or no one will keep you from it. Your destiny is too important for you to sleep on. Your destiny is much too powerful for you to wait on anyone or anything other but God. Your destiny is your personalized purpose from God materialized. You can live it, breath it, touch it, and feel confident in knowing that the reality and resiliency of the woman has been instilled in us by God.

Once you know who you are in Christ Jesus, get ready because everything will change for you! What used to look and act real is now showing its true face of being a distraction and your reality begins to look a lot brighter, limitless, and full of potential all because you sought and acknowledged God, trusting His will and his reality for you.



Excerpt taken from The Greatness Devotional by Natishia Y. June

Natishia Y. June is an author, social justice advocate, and speaker; however her best title to date is that of wife and mother!

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Natishia Y. June is a National speaker, rebel for Christ, advocate and published author. Natishia has written numerous articles on everything from social justice and Christian devotionals all the way down to fashion. Her true passion is instilling Greatness in people living in this world but who are followers of Jesus Christ. With her gracious yet thorough approach in speaking truth, the Greatness Devotional, her first book, offers real life motivation that applies to all women no matter where they are in their walk.