Finding Support

Finding support has helped me in living with HIV. Having people I can go to and rely on in times of need helps me manage my stress, and ultimately plays a big role in my emotional health. Living with HIV, I know that my emotional health is as important as my physical, so I make it a priority to seek out support when I need it.

Here are some people I look to for support, and how they help me.

1) Family: For me, my family makes me feel loved, stronger and comforted.

2) Friends: My friends make me feel loved and accepted. The most important thing is that they don’t look down on me based on my HIV status.

3) Support Groups: Attending a support group where I am around other HIV positive women makes me feel empowered and like I can beat this!

4) Medical Professionals: I feel like I can trust the medical professionals in my life, that I can tell them anything when it comes to my healthcare. This kind of support encourages me to take care of myself.

These are just a few places I seek support in my life. Support is important to me because I feel that there is strength in numbers. When we unite, we can help each other get through anything.

ACTION TIP: What areas of support are lacking in your life? Make a commitment or a New Year’s Resolution to try expanding your support circles.  It is important to have people you can depend on in times of need.


1 thought on “Finding Support

  1. Everyday can be a struggle to remain normal or try to live my life normally. Sometimes a word here or sentence will hit me almost like a slap or cold water in my face. It makes me step back or shock me into reality of my disease. Not meaning to be unkind but a careless word can hurt you. Family wanting to keep your disease secret sometimes from their own medical providers. It makes me feel dirty or unloved when a family member does that.

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