National Black HIV/AIDS Day is TODAY!


Throughout the year, there are several days that are dedicated to creating awareness about HIV/AIDS and the importance of getting tested. Today is one of those days– National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day!

This day is dedicated to mobilizing the Black community to get educated, get tested, get involved and get treated! For more information on National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day click here!

Presently among Blacks, women account for 30% of new HIV infections while men account for 70% of new HIV infections. That being said, recent studies show that infection rates in Black heterosexual women have gone down, which is a great victory! However, there is more work to be done as black women are still more affected by HIV more than any other race or ethnicity group.

It is important to raise awareness in your community about HIV no matter what race/ethnicity you identify with. Take advantage of this campaign as an opportunity to encourage your friends and family to get tested for HIV. It could save their life. 

Click here to find HIV testing locations near you!


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