Taking a Stand!

Today is Thursday, and you know what that means!

It’s time to speak out and Take a Stand!

Check out today’s post from one of the LTAI Peer Advocates:

Snapshot 2014-04-16 14-22-29

                      Taking A Stand:  

1) To increase HIV awareness in schools

2) To encourage and support people in need as a friend.

3) To be a role model in the community and continue the HIV/AIDS advocacy started by my father in the 1980s.

So now, we invite you to speak up, speak out, and be heard!  Send us your message with a picture of your feet as seen above!  We’d love to post it!

What will you Take a Stand for?

Send all photos to: letstalk@rwhp.org.

Look out for a new Taking a Stand post next Thursday!

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