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A Special Victory

I received my new labs on Thursday. I reached a goal I had set for myself when I was first diagnosed. My CD4 is 265, up from 178 three months ago. Yay!

When I was diagnosed almost 3 years ago my CD4 count was 12. This may not seem so great to a few, but this is amazing to me. I really didn’t expect to reach my goal this soon. Especially since one doctor had told me it took one of his patients 7 years to reach a CD4 of 200. I am very happy to reach this milestone and am now thinking what my next goal should be. I know my main goal is to always stay as healthy as I can. I try to avoid other illnesses but still live my life.

I take all my meds daily (12 pills). I see my HIV doctor every 3 months and I go to all my other appointments with other specialists. I try to obey their orders. I see my therapist every few weeks and try to keep my stress level down. I am happy to be alive and fairly healthy. I hope all my fellow tribers are too.

*This post was adapted from a message originally published in the “Let’s talk About It Magazine.”


Today we share a beautiful poem written by one of our LTAI blog readers, Ellen, titled “Stigma”. We hope you enjoy it and please share your thoughts and comments below!


All eyes averted
Anywhere but on the spot
You occupy as no one
Wants to look mortality
In the face
Better to stare
At what’s comfortable
Like a speck of dust
On the floor
While thinking you got
What you deserve
For making one mistake
Or no mistake at all
Judged by standards
That make others feel better
In their own skin
While struggling to live
In yours

If you have something you would like to share with the LTAI blog community – a post, inspirational quote, video, etc. – feel free to submit it through our Suggestion/Submission Box. We’d love to post it!

I Know I’ve Been Changed

One of the LTAI blog readers submitted this video  through our Suggestion/Submission Box! She thought the community might enjoy hearing this beautiful song entitled “I Know I’ve Been Changed” by LaShun Pace Rhodes.


If you have something you would like to share with the LTAI blog community – a post, inspirational quote, video, etc. – feel free to submit it through our Suggestion/Submission Box. We’d love to post it!

Taking Charge of Your Health: Part 2

Last week we heard from LTAI Peer Advocate “Linda” with her tips to take control of HIV. You can see her first four tips HERE. Read below for the rest!

  1. Staying organized: Make a medicine notebook where all your medications are listed. Everyday, check off what you’ve taken and at what time. Use a big calendar too, to keep track of your doctor’s appointments.
  2. Being comfortable with your provider: Honestly, if you don’t care for your provider, change! Because if you’re not comfortable, you’re less likely to go to your visits.
  3. Taking your meds: You need to take control of your own situation. The disease is in your body doing what it wants to do. So by not taking your meds, you’re not taking control. If you don’t take the meds, you’re not in control.

What tips would you share with your peers about taking charge of your health? Share below!

Taking A Stand

It’s Thursday, and so we share another presentation by someone who is Taking A Stand!


Taking A Stand

“To learn more. To promote prevention.”

What a great reminder! It’s always important to keep learning and to share that information with others. As was mentioned by another LTAI Peer Advocate, knowledge is power!

So today we encourage you to take a stand to learn something new HIV and pay it forward by promoting HIV prevention in your community!

And, don’t forget, you can share how you are Taking A Stand! It’s easy—just send us a photo of your message and your feet and we’ll post it to the blog! Email photos to:

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Taking Charge of Your Health: Part 1

“Linda” was diagnosed 3 years ago, with AIDS. Her viral load was over 157,000 and she had a CD4 count of 12 when she was diagnosed. But “Linda” recently found out that her viral load is now 200. Her success would not have been possible if she hadn’t decided to take control of her disease.  She wanted to share her tips on how to take control of your HIV and continue to live a healthy life.

  1. Don’t be scared of going to appointments: Don’t skip your appointment just because you’re afraid. You have to face the music, bite the bullet. To me, it’s better than not knowing.
  2. Prepare for your appointments: Write down any questions, anything to do with your health that you want to ask the doctor. If you’ve been sick, write that down too. That way you can talk to the doctor about it.
  3. Your medical provider is human, don’t be intimidated: Some providers may have that “holier than thou” attitude, but just look at them as they’re simply a person and just like you, but better educated in the medical field. This way, they won’t intimidate you.
  4. Research, research, research! I realize not everyone has access to a computer, but I would tell people, if at all possible, get on a computer and try researching their disease or whatever their ailment is.

Stay tuned for the next 3 tips later this week!

*This post was adapted from a message originally published in the “Let’s talk About It Magazine.”

Prioritizing Our Health

As women, we know it’s hard to prioritize our health. There are always things that seem to be more important: kids, work, caretaking, dealing with a partner, and the list goes on and on!

So this is your reminder: next week is National Women’s Health Week!

Make a decision TODAY to do at least one thing for your health next week!

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What Makes You Special?

As women, we all know how easy it is to see ourselves in a negative light. There always seems to be something we need to improve on or get better at.

Self-improvement is always great, but sometimes its important to sit back and reflect on our positive traits-the things that make us special and unique. Focusing on what makes us special can help us to stay positive and keep moving forward. So, we asked the women of LTAI to share what makes them special:

  • I’m strong and capable of whatever I put my mind to.
  • I’m stubborn as a mule.
  • I’m loveable.
  • I am compassionate, patient, and understanding.
  • I am like Titanium. I can’t be shot down. I keep moving forward.

Today we ask,“What makes you special?” Share with us below!

Taking A Stand Thursday!

Today is Thursday, and you know what that means!

It’s time to Take a Stand!

Check out today’s post from one of the LTAI Peer Advocates:


Taking A Stand:  

To take better care of my mind, body and soul

Taking a stand doesn’t always have to be about speaking out in public, it can also be about taking a stand and making changes in your own life!

How will you take a stand this week to take better care of YOUR mind, body and soul? Share below!