Taking Charge of Your Health: Part 1

“Linda” was diagnosed 3 years ago, with AIDS. Her viral load was over 157,000 and she had a CD4 count of 12 when she was diagnosed. But “Linda” recently found out that her viral load is now 200. Her success would not have been possible if she hadn’t decided to take control of her disease.  She wanted to share her tips on how to take control of your HIV and continue to live a healthy life.

  1. Don’t be scared of going to appointments: Don’t skip your appointment just because you’re afraid. You have to face the music, bite the bullet. To me, it’s better than not knowing.
  2. Prepare for your appointments: Write down any questions, anything to do with your health that you want to ask the doctor. If you’ve been sick, write that down too. That way you can talk to the doctor about it.
  3. Your medical provider is human, don’t be intimidated: Some providers may have that “holier than thou” attitude, but just look at them as they’re simply a person and just like you, but better educated in the medical field. This way, they won’t intimidate you.
  4. Research, research, research! I realize not everyone has access to a computer, but I would tell people, if at all possible, get on a computer and try researching their disease or whatever their ailment is.

Stay tuned for the next 3 tips later this week!

*This post was adapted from a message originally published in the “Let’s talk About It Magazine.”


2 thoughts on “Taking Charge of Your Health: Part 1

    1. We agree! It is great advice, especially this week as we celebrate National Women’s Health Week!

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