Taking Charge of Your Health: Part 2

Last week we heard from LTAI Peer Advocate “Linda” with her tips to take control of HIV. You can see her first four tips HERE. Read below for the rest!

  1. Staying organized: Make a medicine notebook where all your medications are listed. Everyday, check off what you’ve taken and at what time. Use a big calendar too, to keep track of your doctor’s appointments.
  2. Being comfortable with your provider: Honestly, if you don’t care for your provider, change! Because if you’re not comfortable, you’re less likely to go to your visits.
  3. Taking your meds: You need to take control of your own situation. The disease is in your body doing what it wants to do. So by not taking your meds, you’re not taking control. If you don’t take the meds, you’re not in control.

What tips would you share with your peers about taking charge of your health? Share below!


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