A Doctor’s Waiting Room

Today we share a beautiful poem written by one of our LTAI blog readers, Ellen, titled “A Doctor’s Waiting Room”. We hope you enjoy it and please share your thoughts and comments below!


There are magazines where
You can find your disease
On the last three pages
While your doctor thinks
Up ways to tell you that
There is still hope.
There’s never a vending
Machine around to kick or
Or an empty ashtray to knock over
When you need one.
It’s always too hot or too cold
And the bathroom is always in use.
You’re sure you made an appointment
But it has been hours since the last person
Vacated the seat across from you.
Either it’s awfully quiet in here
Or it’s the unheard sound
Of a slow moving clock.


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1 thought on “A Doctor’s Waiting Room

  1. Great Ellen. You nailed it perfectly. I think I’ll show that to all my doctors. Lol. Nothing moves slower than the passing of time when waiting for bad news.

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