Today we share a suggestion that one of our LTAI blog readers, Ellen, would like to share with everyone about the importance of meds. Check out one of Ellen’s other posts HERE!


If I have one suggestion to make it’s this, “TAKE YOUR MEDICATION EVERYDAY.” It will save your life as it has mine. Make a chart if you need to, but make sure you take them.

If you have something you would like to share with the LTAI blog community – a post, inspirational quote, video, etc. – feel free to submit it through our Suggestion/Submission Box. We’d love to post it!


1 thought on “Meds

  1. Ellen is right as we all know your daily meds are important. I have a meds weekly sheet we (my husband and I) created for keeping track of my meds. Day by day we check off meds as I take them daily. I would like to share that “form” with all our members of LTAI and this Blog.
    I think anyone should share their experiences with their meds here. Good or bad for us who have questions and you can’t always get a Dr. immediately to answer.
    Sometimes we (I do) feel all alone in our disease but sharing with another person in the same type of illness makes us feel “Not so all alone”.
    Happy days with us all with meds and healthy days. 😉

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