Making Change in a Small Way

Here at LTAI, we emphasize the importance of advocacy in your community. One of our LTAI members shares how she is making a change in her small community by changing people’s misconceptions of HIV. Remember, no matter how small the change, it is change nonetheless and it can have a huge impact!

“I live in a small city where the people are so set in their ways and their thinking is pre-historic. They believe that if they were to just touch someone with HIV/AIDS they will get infected.

There is little to no counseling here, let alone a place to go get tested, except to a family doctor. I have been open about my status since I found out in July 2007, after I was given over 32 units of blood before they found a tumor in my stomach and liver. For the record, I go out of my way to tell people. If I cut myself and I start to bleed, I ask for alcohol and a bandage and tell them that I have HIV.

I have a wonderful doctor that I can talk to and a staff of nurses that are great too. But I live by a saying, “HIV/AIDS, I have it, but it doesn’t have me.” Because, if you sit on your backside and cry “Why me?” – you will miss out on the finer things in life. I live for my kids and maybe one day my little backwoods town will catch up to the 21st century.

My new goal in life now is to get more people to understand that when you touch, hug or even kiss someone with HIV or AIDS, they will not get it.

Well, I will be going to the city council as soon as I can to get on the docket and see what I can do to get people more involved. Wish me luck!”

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2 thoughts on “Making Change in a Small Way

  1. I wish you luck because you will probably need it. Small towns are very ignorant to change. I hope I am wrong since we need all the help we can get in putting the truth and facts out to the public about our disease. Small towns live by the myths, old wives tales, fear, and ignorance spread by the churches. One day I hope we all can live in the public with full disclosure. I doubt my live time will see it though. Support from others like us and our friends at LTAI will keep us going. I feel the medical community could be speaking out more about the HIV/AIDS fears and spread the truth. The media spend days and weeks on gossip but very little to help the sick people like us.

  2. This is an inspiring example of advocacy. I pray it will be multiplied through the strength of advocates across the country.

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