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This week we continue to share with you what sisterhood means to the LTAI women and to remind you that the release of the second LTAI magazine is less than 2 weeks away! Let’s Talk About It has offered its members a source of support and friendship from which to draw on in their daily lives. Here are a few testimonials on how LTAI has provided us with a loving group of friends and sisters:

 “ Always having someone there to support and encourage you; to watch your back.”

“ Support and Friendship. They understand my health issues and some of my family problems.”

“We are all on this journey together called life”

“We are in our own group of love”

If you would like to know more about our monthly LTAI meetings or how to get a copy of the second issue of the LTAI Magazine “Put Yourself First” drop us a note in a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

Sisterhood and New Beginnings

The Woman of LTAI are proud to announce the upcoming release of their second magazine, “Let’s Talk about it” volume 2 titled “Put Yourself First”. This magazine follows the LTAI women on their journey of growth and acceptance as they support and inspire each other in their fight against HIV. This magazine highlights the importance of advocacy as the women share their stories, tips, recommendations, and personal victories with their peers and community.

This month we will share with you an excerpt from the magazine titled “Sisterhood” where the LTAI women share with you what sisterhood means to them and how they have been able to find a loving and supportive family through “Let’s Talk About It”. Check back every week to read these amazing testimonials and get ready for the release of the second LTAI Magazine on December 1st 2014.

Here is what the women have to say about sisterhood:

 “I’m never alone. It is so good to be with women who have been where I’ve been and are sharing the same struggles. I love this group of women like family.”

“To be empowered and finally have a voice. To be heard and strengthened by my peers. “

If you would like a copy of the second LTAI Magazine or if you would like more information about LTAI and our monthly meetings, let us know in a comment below!