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New Year and New Beginnings

Happy Holidays to all of our readers! With the new year approaching, we wanted to invite you to send in your submissions to our blog,  share your comments and to invite your friends and family to also “like” us. 
Although we all continue to reach out to our communities with prevention education and resources, we are still constantly fighting the stigma.  There are many ways we can get involved and receive support from our communities and loved ones. One of these ways is by checking out the recently published LTAI Magazine titled “Put Yourself First”. To request a copy of this magazine along with other useful resources please give us a call at 352-372-1095 or click on the following link for more information:
Recently two members of Let’s Talk About It, were invited to be interviewed on WCJB, by Stephanie Bechara, where they discussed how Let’s Talk About It has been able to provide them with the support and encouragement needed to fight the stigma and live their lives to the fullest. See what they had to say by clicking on the link below:
We invite everyone to come join the Let’s Talk About It “sisterhood!” Contact us for more information about our meetings and how you can get involved! On a final note , we love to hear from our readers, so send us your comments and thoughts below on what you would liked to see covered in the blog during the upcoming year. Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year filled with happiness and success!

LTAI World AIDS Day Event

In partnership with the Florida Museum of Natural History the women of Let’s Talk About It (LTAI) held a special event to commemorate World AIDS day (Monday, December 1st). Darcie MacMahon, head of exhibits and public programs, welcomed participants on this special commemorative event. Throughout the afternoon, local community leaders and peer advocates shared their testimonies and encouraged everyone to continue the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The butterfly has been a long standing symbol for the women of LTAI. Just as caterpillars experience a transformation, the women of LTAI have also endured tremendous journeys to become the strong beautiful women that they are today! A special recognition was given to one of the members of LTAI who created a beautiful piece of art portraying the transformative process which many of the women identify with.

The afternoon ended  with a tour of the butterfly rainforest, where the LTAI women had a chance to delight in the beauty of thousands of different butterflies in the company of their peer advocates. This event also marked the launching of the second LTAI magazine, Let’s Talk About It: Put Yourself First, written by the peer advocates of LTAI.

If you would like to read the article about the event published in the Gainesville Sun please click the following link:

We would also like to share with you the photo gallery of the event at the following link:

If you would like to know more about LTAI and our monthly meetings or how you can get a copy of the second LTAI magazine please let us know in a comment below or give us a call at 352-372-1095, we’d love to hear from you!