Only So Much

Sometimes as human beings, we tend to take on too much and deny that we have even done such a thing. We fail to really look at what we need as an individual and put our main focus on our family, our friends and our jobs. We tend not to step back and take that long look, until we get sick due to stress.
The care and love that we have for others is often the care and love that we neglect to give ourself. We often seem to think that if we put “me” off, then we feel sure that we  will get it from those whom we have given it to, but that does not always ring true, though.
We need to stop and realize that if we don’t start caring, loving, and putting ourselves first, then there will not be a “me” to put out there for others. In retrospect, take care of yourself and monitor how you let others make use of you and remember that “you” can only take so much.
What are some of the ways that you use to recharge yourself that make you feel better?

3 thoughts on “Only So Much

    1. I agree and I have burnt myself out giving to others. And guess what, they did not return that caring a 10th of what I gave them all. If not for my husband and my son I would be all alone. If I ever get sick again I don’t want them to know anything about me. My Mom had a saying and I have often repeated it. “Don’t come to my funeral to see me and crying when you wouldn’t come see me when I was alive.” Time can not be replaced once it’s gone by.
      Be selfish and care for “Me” first. That’s survival.

  1. So true, we have to better care ourselves we give and give then wonder why we get burnt out love yourself first ladies, so we can be a service to others, we all need to recharge

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