I was sitting and thinking, what’s wrong with me? My answer, nothing that I see.

I asked myself that question because I noticed that the older I get, the less people I need in my life. I think that is because I have realized that I just can’t have people in my life that aren’t positive minded. I find that it is harmful for my health.

I have 2 girlfriends and they are as differently made as pencil a marker. You see, one is young, just learning how to become a woman, mother, worker, and friend, all the while not knowing the order that it goes in. News flash…you must be a friend to yourself firstt. This friend, I love her, but she is a self-centered, non-listening, know -it -all, whom I have not disclosed to. If I were to do so I already know the things that would come out her mouth, but I still love her because I am her friend The second friend is older, and we have more in common than the firstt woman. This friend knows all about me and still loves me.

No matter what kind of friends you have, maybe you should sit down and do an inventory of your relationship so that not one person is to blame. Friendships are relationships too.  So, we must do a pros and cons and inventory to see what can be done to make it better and more sincere. The ones who know all about you and still love you. The ones who call and ask you, “how was your day” and allows you to just talk and all they do is just listen. The ones who write you back when you write, just because they care.

What kind of things would you say to your friend while doing an inventory?


1 thought on “Friendship

  1. I can’t say I really have even one “girlfriend” today except for the ones in my support group. We still don’t share everything like a regular girlfriend might but I consider them friends. I think I could call one of them for a good cry or any worry about my medical concerns. There’s no one outside of my husband and this support group that I can talk to anymore. My medical community takes care of my body needs but not my mind. I lost, no I tossed out, the so called, fake people in 2007 when I found out truly how racist they were. I found I could not and would not stand by and listen to ugly comments and jokes anymore. I had a voice and I knew if I didn’t walk away I would probably end up in jail for the things I wanted to say. That only strengthened my belief in how my status would be perceived and accepted by these people. So I did take stock of “so-called friends” and kicked them to the curb. I run across one now and then and it only makes me more firm in my actions of casting off their dead weight.. I’d rather be alone than be brought down by a bigot. I’d rather be alone than listen to such hate spewing from their mouths. So yes, choose your friends wisely and you don’t need one who makes you feel bad or who you can’t share with for fear of exposure and judgement. I love my LTAI women, young and more mature. We all face our own demons but we fight the rest together.

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