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Reflections on World AIDS Day 2015

While having a wonderful meal with friends and members of Let’s Talk About, the following reflections were shared:

“1987 is when it began. We have come a long way baby-medically, accepting who we are-we still have a long way to go.  We are still trying to put stigma in its place.  Hard to believe, but women at this table, we are trying to kick it out. Thank God that I am positive- it has opened my eyes and I see myself and other people in another way. I respect living, giving back to my community.  Life is great.”

“We are celebrating World AIDS Day. I’m celebrating 5 years as a survivor.  It doesn’t define me. We are celebrating life.”

“I am thankful to be here, to be able to pay it forward to others. Who knew 32 years later I would be here living, strong, helping other women, being the voice for the voiceless.”

I am glad for the opportunities that being positive has given me.  If I hadn’t been positive I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have met these people or have had the opportunities I have had.”

“For a person who has not had AIDS, but is a caregiver or friend, we learn that everyone has a status. Thinking about awareness, we all need a place like LTAI, even for negatives, so that there won’t be the stigma, so we would all be together and there would be education about it- no hush-hush, cause it is like private. It’s talked about a lot, but it’s not talked about much with people with their status. So that’s what I feel about today. My aunt was passing from AIDS and she did enjoy life and she taught us how to enjoy life and how to be aware. Before I was sexually active I was aware of that. That AIDS was out there and could take your life. It was really brought to my home in an early age. But she also taught us how serious AIDS is and you don’t play with that. I’m educated, I learned a lot. That’s all I want to say.”


What does World AIDS Day mean to you? Send us your reflections.