Pay It Forward

It’s a new year! “What you can do for others in 2016?”. Here are some of our ideas:

“Become more involved as an advocate in the HIV field- advocate for women and others living with HIV.”

“Educate and advocate. Educate the unknowing- especially in rural Central Florida.”

“Try to get more women to come to meetings and spread LTAI to other counties.”

“Helping others balance mind, body, and spirit.”

“I expect to get to know others and the women in the group. Communicate with my pen pals.”

“Help with changing HIV criminalization laws.”

One of the LTAI ladies explained her notable motto, Pay It Forward. It is an inspiring way of thinking about why we need to serve others. Here are some of her sentiments:

“I want to give back to others. When I first found out that I was diagnosed HIV positive, because of the lack of research available on the virus, some health professionals were afraid to touch me. But there were those very few who still treated me like a human being- which made living with this virus okay. If we can focus on achieving optimal mind, body, and spirit, we can be in a better place where we can help women and potentially be a domino effect for the good. Paying it forward.”

In the New Year, how will you pay it forward?


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