Self-love is the BEST love

As we reflect on love and loving each other in this month of February, it’s important to also focus on loving our self.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.” – Anonymous

One of the peer advocates shared her sentiments about loving herself this upcoming holiday:

I’m not going to lie, I struggle with depression sometimes. Everyday is not perfect, but I understand that in order to love others or be able to help them, I have to love myself first.

When asked what self-love means to her and why it is important, she replies:

I define self-love as the ability of combining my mind, body and spirit with the over-arching goal of being well. Sometimes, I take a Zumba class when I’m feeling down or counseling to seek the help I may possibly need. “The past is history, the future is a mystery, and today is a gift, that is why you call it present.” We have to spend time focusing on the now and enjoying ourselves now.

When asked about plans for this upcoming Valentine’s Day that would promote self-love, she suggested:

Going to get a pedicure/ manicure, running a nice bubble bath, and/or getting a massage. Whatever feels good to you- do it. Take that time out for yourself!

Now the question is posed to you, what is your definition of loving yourself?


1 thought on “Self-love is the BEST love

  1. Take a walk and enjoy being alive. Hear the birds sing, see the clouds so fluffy and white above. Watch the leaves blow around or smell that sweet mowed grass.
    I always loved that white undisturbed snow when I lived in the North. There’s nothing like a walk in a winter white world unless it’s a walk on a sandy beach.
    The point is look around you and be thankful to be “You” in this place we call home. If you have to take the kids along make it fun and explore.
    I love having a day of movie watching with sweet, tasty snacks, and a box of tissues. That’s my salvation sometimes, to escape into a world not of my own life. Books, Dreams, Fantasies, Music, and make believe for a few short hours. Being alone and enjoying being alone is like recharging your batteries.
    Hoping everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day. A Love Yourself Day!

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