The Focusing of Choice

Goals are the passing landmarks that indeed tell us that we are moving… goals commit us to life.

HIV has our attention, but should it have ALL of our attention? Sometimes, we make HIV all that we see in our horizon. But that is a choice.  We can choose to focus only on HIV or we can choose to focus on our dreams and goals separately from HIV.  We all need to see that what we focus on, is our choice.  If we choose to focus on the positive lessons of HIV, it can teach us that we can discover dreams that we would like to look forward to.

What are our goals? Can we write them down? Are my goals reachable? What have I been focusing on? Have I been exercising my right to choose? Have I been going along with what media has been telling me to go along with? Are my goals too easy or are they challenging? What do I really want to be? How do I really want to live my life? What did I really want to be as a child? So what are my DREAMS?

Think about your life’s purpose and know that you have choices. Choose a purpose and goals that ring true in your heart.


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