Helping Others

We as women, are naturally nurturers. 

As a species, we are made to have children and give of ourselves, sometimes at an early age. We continue to grow and with us, so does our need to care for others. We care for our husbands or significant other, elderly parents, and other family members. We even look for jobs nurturing complete strangers. We tend to think that our lives are not whole unless we do so. This is not necessarily true. While running around as if we are superwomen, the one thing that we forget to do is to care for ourselves.  Remember ladies, while we listen and care for others, we must also ‘step outside’ of our self and realize that if we don’t understand that ‘WE’ are #1, then the others we care for, will miss us.  
Life has many meanings and we must be on the up and up, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We can achieve this by helping others as well as helping ourselves.

What do you do for others that you find is good for you?


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