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What is the “Let’s Talk About It” blog?

The “Let’s Talk About It” blog is a safe site for women living with HIV and female caregivers for those who are positive, to come together and find support, information and inspiration. Most blog pieces are written by “Let’s Talk About It” Peer Advocates – positive women and caregivers living in North Central Florida. This blog is a way for women to share with peers, encourage and inspire one another. Leave us your comment on a post or drop your ideas in the suggestion box.

What is the “Let’s Talk About It” program?

“Let’s Talk About It,” a program of the Rural Women’s Health Project, is a women’s HIV Peer Advocacy group based in North Central Florida. We are a diverse group of women who are living with HIV, or caring for someone living with HIV. We join together regularly to support, encourage and empower one another to face and embrace our fears.

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Want to learn more about “Let’s Talk About It” and read our other materials? Check out the official “Let’s Talk About It” website here.

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