Frequently Asked Questions

What does “subscribe” mean?

  • By subscribing to the blog you will be sent an email notification each time a blog is posted. This way, you will never miss a new blog post!
  • You can expect to receive about 2-3 emails a week telling you about new blog posts.
  • On the right side of the screen is an option to “subscribe” to the LTAI blog.

Why leave a comment or a reply?

  • Writing a comment is a public way for you to share with others what you think about a specific blog post.
  • You can also reply to any other person’s comments and generate a discussion.

How do I leave a comment?

  • First, scroll down to the end of the blog post that you are reading,  If someone has already left a comment, you will see their comment listed.
  • If you want to specifically reply to someone else’s comment, just hit “reply.”
  • If you want to leave your own comment, scroll down to where you see “Leave a reply.”
  • Then fill out the information asked on the form.
  • You can share your name or a nickname if you feel comfortable. Otherwise, just leave the line blank.
  • Then write in your email address and your comment.
  • Finally, hit submit!
  • We review all comments before they are posted to the site, So remember to check back later to see if your comment has posted and if anyone has replied to you! (Subscribers do not receive notifications of new comments.)

How can I search for blogs about a specific topic?

There are two options to search for posted blogs:

  1.  Use the search bar located in the top right hand side of the blog website. Just type in what you are searching for into the white box. If there is a match,  the blogs related to your search that are on the site will appear.
  2. Further down on the right side of the blog page, you will see a section titled “Categories.”  As new blogs are added, each one is categorized by topic. By clicking one of the categories, you will see all the posted blogs related to that topic!

Have more questions? Send us your questions by email to: letstalk@rwhp.org

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